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Product and Sales Policy

Proved to be irreplaceable with its content and form that matches everyone's palate with its strong presence from the past until now, baklava holds a solid place in today's understanding of taste. As Fıstıkzade and baklavayesek.com, we have also sought to make baklava more available wherever asked, quickly with more proper choices under today's conditions by preserving its past form and adding, even more, value. How do you know baklava? Do you have any idea what ingredients are used inside? Have you ever witnessed a baklava production process? How do you know that it is the best baklava? We are the only brand with awareness which will not require you to know the answers of questions like these and similar questions. The deliciousness needs to have a cost, but this cost does not only need to focus on the pocket of the customer. We are offering you a first class opportunity for an original taste at a cost that you can afford. We have added one layer of flavor to this magnificent dessert after picking all the right ingredients meticulously. We are now making baklava available not only as a dessert but also as a flavor reflecting the spirit of the new age, integrated with the changing technological conditions with easy accessibility, and transparent production process and most importantly entirely organic. What kind of flour do we use! The flour used in rolling phyllo dough is made of a wheat grown in Harran Plain and a little bit tougher than the rest. It should be done this particular way so that the phyllo may be rolled thinner and faster and not torn apart that easily. Moreover, most importantly, we would like to offer you a low-calorie and stable structure. This way we are making a hundred gram of ball of dough by two metres high, hundred and forty centimetre wide by rolling the baklava with a tough wheat flour. We buy our wheat from only one producer and we care about your palatal delight staying the same.