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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I be Fıstıkzade business manager?


For Fıstıkzade branch applications, 6 step franchising process is taken into account. The applications are evaluated in order. The first step to become Fıstıkzade business manager is to fill out the pre-application form. After the pre-application form reaches us, our franchising team will contact you.


How should a concept store be like?


Square meter shall be determined by taking into consideration the characteristics and conditions of the city/region of investment. The store should be located in a center of consumption with the most attractive business cost and suitable front.


How is the suitability of the store decided?


Fıstıkzade franchisee team prepares a feasibility report including the analysis of the store, region and prospective business manager and shares their prediction concerning the volume of investment, suitability of the store and return on investment with the prospective business manager.


What about the cost of Fıstıkzade project?


Fıstıkzade projects are completed by architects who constantly work on them. The store construction again shall be completed by the Franchisee. Costs vary according to the city where the store shall be opened while Fıstıkzade team shall present its experience and support for the minimum cost to occur.


How much is the fee for enrolling in the system that is required to open up Fıstıkzade branch?


Fıstıkzade specifies a fee for entering the system that is calculated by taking into account the geographical and socioeconomical structures. It is charged one time only following the signing of the contract for each concept store.


What are the rights granted by Fıstıkzade to its business manager through the franchising agreement?


Regional protection, benefiting from adverts and promotions and exchange of experience and knowledge. .


What is the duration of Fıstıkzade franchising agreement?


The agreement duration is 4 years. Within this period of time, in case that the standarts of competence set by Fıstıkzade are provided, the agreement between the parties are extended again. .