• Quality and Hygiene
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Quality and Hygiene

All of the Fıstıkzade products have been selected among only the highest quality products for you. If there are two things that Fıstıkzade cannot forego, they are absolutely quality and hygiene. Our chefs are not allowed to enter the floor where the production line is located without completing their daily sterilization and going through inspection. While preparing our products they need to fulfill all the hygiene related requirements, otherwise there is an article of cancellation of labor contract laid out in their contracts. Before preparing the products for use they go through the testing stage and then get included into the production line. After they are produced they are never made available for sale without being controlled by the control chief. All the hygiene items used in our equipment and machinery are provided by channels approved by the ministry of health. And most importantly, no product that does not have an organic certificate is used in Fıstıkzade products which are totally natural.