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About Us

Founded in 2013 with an innovative approach, our company makes it its goal to promote better the centuries-old delicacy of Gaziantep –baklava- and has the name and taste of Gaziantep imprinted on all over the world in this globalized age we live in.

Built in a closed area of 2000 square meter on top of 4 floors, our factory has completed its modernization process for export and received haccep, kosher and halal certificates as well the quality certifications and FDA approval, currently working on two stores and a nation-wide franchising system to avoid the name confusion.

A team made up of all professional chefs work in our factory serving in an area of 2000 square meter with 4 storeys. There are also 3 industrial type deepfreezes including a cold chain minus 45, minus 18, plus 4 degree and special vacuum machinery. The factory also includes a stock warehouse, packaging, cooling marbles and tray halls, hygen room (to disenfect the staff), cooking ovens and waiting halls as well as dough spreading counters, dough machinery, dough roller benches, syrup ovens and equipment for katmer, kadayıf and antep kahkesi.

Our logistics department are both for chilly containers and standart transportation and achieve shipment to all over the world without any problem.

Alongside with innovations such as 1 kg tray, 250 gram box, the presentation also matters for us which is why now we present our delicacies in recycled boxes with ribbon inside and the boxes can be custom made i.e printed with any name etc of customers' request. We have different presentations sch as baklava in single boxes and our golden tray presentation is a first in Turkey.