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Space defined as the Fıstıkzade Store concept includes an independent workplace (rental or owned).The project to be drawn by Fıstıkzade Architect is to be prepared to reveal the unity of the concept in practice by taking into account the measurements (relievo) of the store. The practice is left to the initiative of the Franchisee on the condition of sticking with the project. Alt Franchising has specified a one time entry fee for each store. One of the assurance alternatives written on the contract should absolutely be fulfilled. Architectural project and software to be written for the follow-up of certain activities such as product mobility, sales and order shall be covered by franchising. In this cooperation based on the signing of Alt Franchising contract, thr prtoduct supply costs are created to have 25-35% of product margin on average. The consumables such as a box, bag, tray box are provided free of charge; extra packaging materials and other brand consumables are procured on the supply price and shall not be subject to any profit. Logistics and Transportation cost are excluded from the product price. The trays in which baklavas are shipped shall be considered to be returnable. The trays that are returned shall be offsetted based on the determined supply costs. The cooperation valid for 5 years in the first contract shall automatically extend upon the consent of both parties. No entry fee shall be charged for the same store. No share is claimed based on the turnover.