• Baklava Adventure
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Baklava Adventure

We aim to make our baklavas even more delicious by feeding our goats naturally which we raise on our farm only to be used in our products with flower and fresh grass. The clotted cream we use inside baklava is also obtained from this milk. As we already said, we care about you. What about the difference between fresh baklava and dry baklava? The difference is just so little we will explain. The main ingredient and mode of production for dry baklava is not so different from the others. However, for it to last longer, the paste made up of milk and semolina is not spread between the dry baklava. Then what about next? The ingredients are covered so shall we move on to our production now? Our chefs who have been trained from the cradle as the saying goes transfer their quarter of a century knowledge to the dough. They make the rollers dance and take a step into the adventure turning a big pile into the thinnest sheets. It is such a journey that through this thinly spread dough one can read the smallest writing as if through glass. It is rumored that in Gaziantep city, one of Hacivat Karagoz shadow play masters could not find any curtain before the show, just as he was about to cancel it one of the viewers turned out to be a baklava chef and told him that he would fix his situation and went right away to spread the dough he picked up from the oven so thinly that it was used as a curtain for the show. This is a rumor but what is real is you can play Hacivat-Karagoz beneath this dough. Now after putting 12-13 of these thin filos on top of each other, our chef sprinkles clotted cream and pistachio and creates the bottom layer. On top 25-28 filos are laid and then 50% of the job is almost done.